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Our Exclusive Drone Video Tours

RE/MAX Polsinello has always believed in going the extra mile when marketing your home for sale. Now, we’re able to take our marketing program one step further for select homes.

We’re super excited to announce our new real estate drone video service. We started shooting drone video years ago and there’s no denying they make for spectacular visual presentations of properties. It’s the next best thing to actually getting the buyer to visit the home.

While professional photography of any home for sale is a must, a video tour can really give prospective buyers a sense of what it’s really like to walk in and around your home. If the architect has put a lot of thought into creating a sense of flow from room to room, there is no other way to convey it.

We use them for interior “walkthrough” simulations, but where they really shine is for flyovers of larger properties, both rural and urban.

Here’s an example:

Would a Drone Video Work for Your Property?

Using a drone works best on properties that have a bit of space between you and your neighbours. The videos will show off advantages like large acreages, beautiful landscaping, and features on your property like pools, decks, and other recreation areas. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional in style, if it has curb appeal, a drone video will really showcase it well.


The other great advantage of drones is that they can show nearby amenities, like parks, proximity to convenient thoroughfares, and neighbourhoods where all the homes look really good.


Timing is Everything

Drone videos are best done on sunny days with low wind. Bright sunshine gives more contrast to the landscape, making features easier to see. Drones weigh less than 2 kilograms so a windy day can interfere with getting a steady shot.

89 hidden trail-36.jpgIt also needs to be warm enough that the drone’s batteries won’t drain, so for now at least we can only do them in spring, summer and fall.

For safety reasons, we can’t shoot drone videos too close to the airport.

Interesting in Selling Your Home?

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